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Introduction to Library Resources

This guide is to give you an overview of resources available through the Drain-Jordan Library, similar to what students will learn in our Library Introduction classes.

Using Journal Finder

Journal Finder is a great place for search for specific journals by title, subject, or article. It is the first place we recommend students and teachers go if they are looking to browse or search for content from a specific journal.

On our website, it can be found by going to the Research Tools tab on the Library Homepage, and then selecting Journals by Title from the pull-down menu.

Research Tools pull down menu

From there, select the Journal Finder icon, which looks like the one below. 

Arrow pointing to Journal Finder icon, marked "select image"

A search within Journal Finder will also pull up results from other databases we have on our website, such as Academic Search PremierAcademic OneFile, and print periodical holdings here in the library. (See screenshot below)

Journal Finder search results

Below is a list of all the journals that we have available through Journal Finder